pumflet 'gladiolus' - 30 November 2017

To whom it may concern

Pumflet ‘gladiolus’ will be on sale at the Adderley Street flower market on 30 November throughout the day. It documents the conversation between ourselves about Luyolo, the black neighbourhood in Simonstown that was completely demolished in 1964 and from where most of the residents were moved to Gugulethu; and about Redhill, a black neighbourhood where people were moved to Ocean View and of which ruins still remain today. During our research about Luyolo and Redhill we looked at the paintings of Gladys Mgudlandlu, an artist from Gugulethu and the writings of Gladys Thomas, a poet living in Ocean View, in an attempt to find visual and literary links to these historic and contemporary sites of forced removal.

‘gladiolus’ documents our speculations on Mgudlandlu’s depictions of Cape Town’s built environment of the 1960s and also our discussions with the poet Thomas from her Ocean View home. Through the documentation we meditate on the way these sites were linked through landscapes, creativity and the social imagination.

From 6pm-7pm we will be at A4 Arts Foundation, 23 Buitenkant Street, where Gladys Thomas’ creative writing archive will be on view, where the video piece ‘Homeless song 5’ will be screening and where we will be available for discussion about all this material.

So, buy your copy from Sisters on Adderley (R50 for ‘pumflet’ gladiolus or R100 for pumflet + a bunch of glads) and join us in discussion thereafter.

Thank you for your kind attention

Kemang Wa Lehulere and Ilze Wolff


30 November 2017


Pumflet available all day at the Adderley Street Flower market

Discussion on the archive and process by Ilze Wolff & Kemang Wa Lehulere 6pm - 7pm at the A4 Arts Foundation


A4 Arts Foundation

23‭ ‬Buitenkant Street‭,

District Six


The event carries 0.2 Category one CPD points

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Pumflet: art, Architecture, and stuff

'Pumflet' was co-founded by architect Ilze Wolff and artist Kemang Wa Lehulere in 2016. It exists to publish interventions into the social imaginary.

It is a publication series exploring the social imagination, stories of neighbourhoods and reflecting on histories of the present. It is a site-specific, project based correspondence based, creative writing based, graphic based, periodical. It seeks to invite the public into

conversation and reflection about architecture, art and other creative disciplines with the purpose of finding wisdom on how to intervene or relate to contested land.

Pumflet is supported by oharchitecture for media and distribution; and Wolff Architects  for production and project implementation. Since its inception in 2016 pumflet projects have been hosted by the University of Johannesburg, Stellenbosch Outdoor Sculpture Trust, Gallery University Stellenbosch and A4 Foundation. pumflet ‘gladiolus’ was inserted as a supplement into the catalogue ‘Bird Song’ by Deutsche Bank Artist of the Year 2017, and pumflet co-founder, Kemang Wa Lehulere, and distributed at the accompanying solo show in Berlin. Each publication is conceived as an original art book designed by architect and pumflet co-founder, Ilze Wolff, using recycled paper, gaffer tape, archival images and typed - and handwritten text.

Image of Luyolo, circa 1960s, Simonstown Museum

A wedding in Luyolo, circa 1960s, Simonstown Museum


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