Pumflet Rondehuis & Exhibition

Cover Image:Paul Grendon

We invited you to submit your photograph of an oppressive space. 
We invited you to join the conversation around space, freedom and non-freedom. We invited you to challenge, with us, the oppressive bureaucracies, which through their indifference, stifle public conversations on the unfreedom experienced by architecture and in doing so, the articulation of ways out.We invited you to search with us for more antidotes.

The response was phenomenal 
1-50 Images

Photographers list

To view the full pumflet  follow the link:  https://issuu.com/ilzewolff/docs/pumfletrondehuis

The pumflet 'rondehuis' exhibition opened on the 17th of May 2018 at 5pm at Wolff Architects in Bo Kaap, Cape Town.

‘rondehuis’ documents a public conversation around space, freedom and non-freedom.

 On the night Chalwyn Thomas, a resident of Steinkopf and local researcher from  the Sandrift area ,gave a presentation on the construction and use, of the architecture of Namakwaland, and offered insight on the design of the rondehuis as well as the reed mat that is popular in the global south.

Images from the night

Installation of the exhibition  with chair to view

Chalwyn Thomas's presentation on the construction of the Rondehuis

Zuna Thomas reciting a poem she wrote in  khoekhoegowad of the Nama


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