'CLOCKS ON THE FLOOR - Towards a respatialising of time in Rex Trueform.' - by Ilze Wolff

'Clocks on the Floor': towards re-spatializing time in Rex Trueform, is a long essay publication that explores ideas around how the 20th century African factory has vividly spatialised the entanglement of modern constructions of space, time, personhood, labour and idleness. It interprets, amongst other, the use and the design of the 55 minute hour, a technique Rex Trueform implemented during the 1940s to increase productivity on the factory floor. I argue here that it formed part of a general modernist civilizing and disciplining of black bodies. 

The 55 minute hour has now been used in the title of 'Live Architecture: the 55 minute hour', an event made possible by Off Plan International curators Mary Corrigall, Amy Watson and Neliswe Xaba. They have invited a host of amazing artists including: Zyma Amien, Igshaan Adams, Bernardo Guiamba, Jenevieve Lyons, Gerald Machona, Francesco Nassimbeni and Richard De Jager, Buhlebezwe Siwani and James Webb to produce work for their event which takes place in a disused factory in Salt River. 

16 February 2016 

Trubok Building

15 Brickfield Road, Salt River

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