Conversations with artist:Studio Marx

Event poster by:Wolff architects

From the 2nd of August 2018, Wolff Architects hosted a series of exhibitions on projects where we have collaborated with artists. ”Conversations with artists: Marx Studios" was the first. 

This project involved the designing and construction of two studios for Maja and Gerhard Marx during    2016-7. 

The exhibition featured the work of the two artists and architectural design drawings by Wolff Architects.

 The drawings depicts how the Marx's artistic approach influenced the design and appearance of their studios, and how their working methods shaped the space, the way they move around their studios while working and how that influenced both plan and section.

At the exhibition opening there was conversations about process, breakthroughs, key debates and  the fun  that was had by the four friends while co-creating. 

Pictures of the exhibition opening by Masixole Feni.

Artist: Maja Marx. Title: Glossal, Year: 2018